Sch... Wetter...

Das Wetter heute ist so richtig bescheiden. Dauerregen und auch nicht wirklich warm. Da möchte man viel lieber zuhause auf dem Sofa mit Schatzi kuscheln. Erst recht nach ner "schlecht-geschlafen-Nacht". Schnief. Naja, leider geht es selten danach was man möchte....


Jaja, ich bin ja schon groß...

Na toll. Hab heute von meinem HNO-Arzt erfahren, dass ich ne Woche im Krankenhaus bleiben muss, wenn meine Nasenscheidewand gerichtet werden muss.
Ja, klar ich bin schon groß. Aber trotzdem kommen mir die Tränen beim Gedanken daran, dass ich ne Woche alleine schlafen muss. So ganz ohne Chrissie. Ich weiß ich bin verrückt. Aber ihm geht's ähnlich. Wir haben die letzten 6 Jahre so gut wie keine Nacht alleine verbracht. Oh weh, naja, ich bin ja schon groß. Ich schaff das schon... :-S

Neue Woche - aber nich wirklich besser

Na die Woche startet doch super. Aufstehen mit Kopfschmerzen ist wunderbar. Und dann ist auch die Chefin aus dem Urlaub wieder da. Und der andere Senior-Chef (eigentlich ja gar nich richtiger Chef aber eben Vater von Chefin und deswegen natürlich ganz wichtig und eben Chef - meint er) ist schon wieder schlecht gelaunt und sucht die Fehler der Arbeitnehmer. Dieser Mensch ist einfach nur unangenehm.

Und dann muss ich heute nachmittag auch noch zum Allergietest. Echt käse schon wieder alles.
Naja, wenigstens ist das Wetter heute besser...

Ich kram jetzt erstmal in meiner Tasche ob ich noch 'ne Schmerztablette finde.... :(

Zum Glück hab ich noch eine. Wär sonst auch blöd gewesen. Jetzt muss sie nur noch anfangen zu wirken... ;)


And I try try try...

Although I really tried to,  I didn't write regulary. But I think I really should. It helps me to sort out my feelings and thought. So if you don't mind, it could be I write in german. Coz this is my mother tongue and it's easier to write my thoughts down. 
I'll try to translate my words in english as soon as possible but can't promise.
So hope to see you soon!

Love, Sonny


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Für Papa

Und jetzt noch ein kleines Video, das mir aus der Seele spricht:

Papa ich hab dich ganz doll lieb!!!


Meme: Booking through Thursday

Welcome to my first BTT.
Todays question:
So … you’re halfway through a book and you’re hating it. It’s boring. It’s trite. It’s badly written. But … you’ve invested all this time to reading the first half.
What do you do? Read the second half? Just to finish out the story? Find out what happens?
Or, cut your losses and dump the second half?
And here is my answer:
That depends on my actual mood. AND if I already have another book waiting to be read.
If I'm in a good mood I'll finish the story - hoping that the end might be better than the beginning. Hope dies last ;o)
But if I don't feel well and I already have another book waiting for me I'll dump second half.
Luckily, I haven't had a bad book for long time. But that is coz I'll ask me sister to borrow me books. We have quite the same liking when it comes to books. So if she didn't like the book she normally won't pass it on to me except I'll really really ask her for.

So, that's my answer. Hope you liked it. Please come back if you find time.
Oh, and comments are very welcome!!!!



Like (nearly) every tuesday night we hanging around at home, relax and watching House MD. We love it. Allthough I'm not sure if I like to have a doctor like him when I'm at hospital... ;o)



Today all my plans got discomfitted by my dad. He called right when I wanted to go home from work and asked me to look after bennie coz he had to go to hospital with my niece and her mom. Fienchen had an accident while been swimming and hurt her girlie parts. So I rushed to my dad's house and spent the whole afternoon til seven there until my dad turned back home.
But luckily everything is okay with our little girl and no bad injuries.


Barbecue - the "light version"

We had Barbecue today. And for that I love barbecues but still doing weight watchers® I'm trying not to have so much high calory food. So for me I chose pepper filled with rice and chicken breast. Topped with some selfmade low fat herbed butter. Yummy. (Btw, chris got the "normal" version)


May Wine

Today is first of may. This means for (nearly) everyone day off. It's Labour day. And as I am a quite traditional girl - at least when it comes to celebration-traditions ;o) - I serve May Wine today.
It's soooo yummy... We love it!

A photo a day....

Okay, from now on I really try to post at least a photo every day with a short comment why it was taken/what it shows. If I have time, I'll even write some more or take part in meme or so.

So I hope you visit my blog to leave a nice word for me. I will stop by at your site too to say hello.

Hugs, Sonny


Thursday Thirteen - What's in my bag

Welcome back!


Today is a "girlie-one":

13 Things that are (nearly) always in my bag

  1. my mobile - If I forget it at home a feel kind of naked... (weird I know)

  2. my i-pod - It sometimes happens I forget it at home coz at night I'm listening to audio books (and I admit they are for children - like three questionsmarks) with it to fall asleep easier

  3. my little moleskin calendar - I have a special one, coz on mine Chrissie wrote a special note just for me, so I'm sure no one will have exact the same ;o)

  4. a little (well not that little to be honest)"emergency"-box - it includes plasters, pain reliefs (I hate headaches!!!), antiallergics, little thingies girls need once a month, nailpolish remover wipes, nailglue, scrunchy and hair grips and some more little helpers- you see everything a girl could need in emergency... :o)

  5. My esprit pen

  6. My WeightWatchers Diary

  7. chewing gum - I hate bad breath!!

  8. dog treats - I love dogs ;o)

  9. my sony cybershot - forgot it today, that's why I can't show you pics of my stuff (coz I'm not at home at the moment, maybe I'll update this later)

  10. a WeightWatchers bar - mostly "rich toffee" coz I like it most (and so I can avoid points-trap)

  11. my purse - Allthough it's quite empty at the moment... Just been shopping ;-)

  12. tissues

  13. nail polish - just in case... ;o)

...and to be honest there's always lots of more stuff in it. The problem with us girls is that we always have a bag that wayyyyyy tooooo big! We'll never find a thing when need it... Well, that's my experience. ;o)

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you liked my list. I'm just off to WeightWatchers Meeting now..

♥ Sonny


The Trivia About Me Meme (Sunday Stealing)

Welcome back to

Do you get regular massages?
If you mean messages: I get short messages on my mobile regularly.

Do you have an answering machine?
Yes we have.

What cuss word do you use the most?
Scheisse (=Shit) and Arsch (=Ass)

Are you underweight or overweight?
Overweight. But I'm doing fine to lose my weight. I've allready lost 25 pound since July and it's still going down thanks to WW.

Can you see your veins?


Any that smells good ;o)

Pineapple, Banana, Apple, Strawberry, Melon (oh there are so many!!!)

Kind of red meat?

Definitely not rollmop and brathering!!!!

Candy bar?
Before WW: Mars Almond. Now (well it is still, but I don't eat it often coz it has to much Points) WW-Bar-Rich-Toffee.

Have You Ever…

Eaten a whole bag of potato chips?

Way too often!!!

Eaten lobster?

Climbed a mountain?
Well not really a mountain, but a rock:

This was during a youth exchange in Leeds. 

Been skydiving?
no never. And I don't know if I really would dare.

Been water skiing?
Yes. One time during holiday. Was really funny. I will do it again if I have the chance.

Do You…

Wish you could change something about your life?
Yes, I wanna be skinny again, but I'm on my way. But for all things considered my life's fine.

Like your nose?
I think it's okay.

Like salt and vinegar chips?
Yeah I like them.

Eat salsa?
Sometimes. But only selfmade.

Own a boat?
Yeah, a small one to take in the tub. Hehe. What you thought???!

What Is…

A small thing that people let slide but that actually has dire consequences?
Not to take care enough bout there kids when they're young.

Your most macho trait?
Pff. I don't know. Should ask Chris.

The longest relationship you’ve ever had?
The one I'm in just now. Nearly six years now.

Your most embarrassing thoughts?
Won't tell ya ;o)

Your most shameful moment?
I had a few I think, but can't remember one now.


Bath. At the weekend or to relax after work. But in the morning shower coz of to less time.

Markers at work. Crayons sometimes at home. Specially when our niece is at our house!

Pen to write letters. Pencil at work or if something has to be written fast.

Jelly/Cream Cheese?
Both. I love scones with cream chees and jelly topping.

Mmh. I like both.


My greatest weakness is…

I wish I was…
skinny again.

Three things I wouldn’t do for a million dollars are…
Leave Chris.
Disown someone I love.
Kill someone.

The oddest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth is…


Credit card you had?

Loan you got was for?
Haven't yet.

Paycheck was for how much?
1500 DM.

Time you had stitches?
1994 after I ligament rupture in right arm.

Time you went to the hospital for something?
December 23rd in 1978.
I had to go to the hospital coz I didn't wanna stay any longer in mommys belly....;o)


List everything you ate in the last 24 hours?
Uff. That's much. I'll start backwards.
-Scrumbled eggs with chicken and paprika for supper
-Rich toffee bar with tea
-ham sandwich and beetroots for lunch
-chocolate pudding and some cereals for breakfast
-some fruits throughout the day
-chicken-sandwich for supper
-WW soft caramel bar with tea
-fish with potatoes, carrots and peas for lunch
-yoghurt and muesli for breakfast

Last thing you used a credit card for?

What was your job previous to the one you have now?
The same as I have now but in another company.

Last thing you celebrated?
New Year's Eve at Dec 31st, Chris birthday at 26, christmas, my birthday at Dec 23rd.

Last time you were at a sports bar?
In November with some friends.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful Sunday.
Luv, Sonny


Thursday 13

Welcome to my first Thursday 13.
My list today:

13 photos of Barney

and the last one shows him sharing food with his friend Benny:

I hope you liked the pics. Hugs to you,
Luv, Sonny


Heads or Tails: Sweet OR Sour

Heads Or Tails
If you wanna play too, click header!

Welcome to my first HoT. This week we can choose either Head: Sweet OR Tail: Sour.

I chose Sweet.
I just got the christmas photos from developing (yes we've done some analog pics coz I got a reflex camera for my birthday on dec. 23rd).

And here is my SWEET:

Chris and our niece Sophie ("Fienchen") at my dad's home. Isn't it SWEET???

Thanks for visiting!
Luv, Sonny


Monday Mayhem: What is it?

Welcome to my first
Join Us for Monday Mayhem

This week's meme:

What is it and what do you do with it?

Water! Fresh Water. I just cooked my tea with it.

If I were'nt creative I would just say: an inkblot. But for that I AM a creative person I say: It's an alien! But a dinky one. Dinky and pinky. And cuddly. It has six arms to cuddle. I'm going to hug it.

I bet most would say a perfect turkey. But have you ever seen a roast-apple in close up? Mmmmhh, Yummy.

It's a jellyfish. Snapped in black-and-white. And I'm going to play "get the jelly-fish". Like spongebob and patrick always do....

Okay, for that I'm somehow a material girl I say: MONEY MONEY MONEY.

I see a little face smiling coz it just got the crown for winning a derby.

Uurrgh! It's pooh. No scope for any phantasie. Uurrgh. I'm going to get a poo-bag and through it to bin.

dancer rivalry
A dancing-queen. A skinny one. Like to be that skinny again. B.t.w.: Is she turning clockwise or anti-clockwise? What do you see?

I hope you liked my answers. If ya leave a comment, I'll hop over to you and do the same!

Luv, Sonny


Current Obsessions (Sunday Stealing meme)

Welcome to my first

Instructions: Answer the Current Obession category and then explain WHY you chose that response. Easy enough? Thanks as always for playing!

Sunday Stealing: The Current Obsessions Meme

Book: Shut Up, Stop Whinig, ang Get a Life:A Kick-Butt Approach to a Better Life - It's quite good!

Snack: apples or pretzel sticks - Apples coz they're healthy 'n' tasty and pretzel sticks coz they're have less points and fit best my Weight watchers® plan ;o)

Restaurant: Road Stop - I love the atmosphere and so does sweetie

Beverage: coke zero - I don't like "normal" coke. If there's no coke zero or diet coke available, cold peppermint tea will do aswell.

Decor: cozy - It's important to feel "at home"

Actor: none really. It depends on what movie/series they're in.

Actress: same as actor.

Movie: Avatar - We've just been to the cinemas a few days ago. It's a brilliant movie!

TV show: Simpsons always! And just right now watching: The Tudors.

Hobby: photography, blogging

Band: none specific - depends on my mood

Song: just the same

Meme: too many ;o)

Blog: Ginas WW-Recipes

Lover: Chris

Friend: Julie

Quote: "If you go through hell keep going" Winston Churchill

Peeve: weekend is over in a few hours and work keeps calling...

Sport: swimming

Singer: Robbie Williams.



I forgot my sandwich at home this morning. I only had some pineapple chunks to eat. I was sooo hungry when we got home after work. I. Am. Scatterbrained.


The same procedure as last year?

First time back at work after season's holiday...
And it WAS the same procedure as last year:

But for that I decided not to get too stressed this year
(we'll see how long this new year's resolution will last *wink*) I just sorted everything out and so I managed the chaos (again...)


Playing hide-and-seek...

...introducing "Barney" Rabbit.

Have a nice sunday. We're enjoying last day of holidays. Work starts back tomorrow... :o(


First Bath of the year....

I really enjoyed a hot bath while it's cold and snowy outside.

It was soooooo nice... :o)


Happy New Year...

2010! Here we come!

Happy New Year to all of you. May all your wishes come true.
♥ Sonny