Thursday Thirteen - What's in my bag

Welcome back!


Today is a "girlie-one":

13 Things that are (nearly) always in my bag

  1. my mobile - If I forget it at home a feel kind of naked... (weird I know)

  2. my i-pod - It sometimes happens I forget it at home coz at night I'm listening to audio books (and I admit they are for children - like three questionsmarks) with it to fall asleep easier

  3. my little moleskin calendar - I have a special one, coz on mine Chrissie wrote a special note just for me, so I'm sure no one will have exact the same ;o)

  4. a little (well not that little to be honest)"emergency"-box - it includes plasters, pain reliefs (I hate headaches!!!), antiallergics, little thingies girls need once a month, nailpolish remover wipes, nailglue, scrunchy and hair grips and some more little helpers- you see everything a girl could need in emergency... :o)

  5. My esprit pen

  6. My WeightWatchers Diary

  7. chewing gum - I hate bad breath!!

  8. dog treats - I love dogs ;o)

  9. my sony cybershot - forgot it today, that's why I can't show you pics of my stuff (coz I'm not at home at the moment, maybe I'll update this later)

  10. a WeightWatchers bar - mostly "rich toffee" coz I like it most (and so I can avoid points-trap)

  11. my purse - Allthough it's quite empty at the moment... Just been shopping ;-)

  12. tissues

  13. nail polish - just in case... ;o)

...and to be honest there's always lots of more stuff in it. The problem with us girls is that we always have a bag that wayyyyyy tooooo big! We'll never find a thing when need it... Well, that's my experience. ;o)

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you liked my list. I'm just off to WeightWatchers Meeting now..

♥ Sonny

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Irishcoda said...

Your bag sounds a little like mine. I need to do a T-13 on stuff in my purse one week. And yeah, our purses and bags are always way too big! LOL