Monday Mayhem: What is it?

Welcome to my first
Join Us for Monday Mayhem

This week's meme:

What is it and what do you do with it?

Water! Fresh Water. I just cooked my tea with it.

If I were'nt creative I would just say: an inkblot. But for that I AM a creative person I say: It's an alien! But a dinky one. Dinky and pinky. And cuddly. It has six arms to cuddle. I'm going to hug it.

I bet most would say a perfect turkey. But have you ever seen a roast-apple in close up? Mmmmhh, Yummy.

It's a jellyfish. Snapped in black-and-white. And I'm going to play "get the jelly-fish". Like spongebob and patrick always do....

Okay, for that I'm somehow a material girl I say: MONEY MONEY MONEY.

I see a little face smiling coz it just got the crown for winning a derby.

Uurrgh! It's pooh. No scope for any phantasie. Uurrgh. I'm going to get a poo-bag and through it to bin.

dancer rivalry
A dancing-queen. A skinny one. Like to be that skinny again. B.t.w.: Is she turning clockwise or anti-clockwise? What do you see?

I hope you liked my answers. If ya leave a comment, I'll hop over to you and do the same!

Luv, Sonny

4 shared thoughts so far:

kalea_kane said...

Loved your answers. And dancing queen turned both clockwise and counter clockwise for me. I liked to make her switch up. :)

Happy Monday!

I am Harriet said...

Yep- it's a turkey. Everyone else guessed chicken.

thanks for playing

shydub said...

What a creative responses. yeah its an alien hehehe. I love your answers.

Melissa Mashburn said...

She is turning counter-clockwise.

I enjoyed your creative answers