Friday Fill-Ins

Welcome to my first 
(for that I'm back to blogging world)
And...here we go! 
 1. I hope I can get back on track with my weight loss.
2. What to do when you're really motivated right after WW meeting but often loose motivation right during the next days?
3. Boy I sure did enjoy wearing clothes I like and not only the one that fit best and are most accebtable :(
4. Remind me to call my boss tomorrow to remind him to call his companion for birthday greetings.
5. What does the TV broadcast tonight?
6. It makes me smile watching hubby cuddling and playing with our bunny.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to do nothing but relax, tomorrow my plans include shopping with hubby and Sunday, I want to have a barbecue coz the weather will be great!
Sorry, some of them weren't quite creative. But my brain feels sucked dry. It was a very busy day...
Have fun tonight and thanks for stopping by. 
♥ Sonny

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Roben-Marie said...

Hello! I want to send you some encouragement with regard to numbers #1 - #3! I follow the WW program and it can be hard to stay motivated. I get bored easily and find that I eat the same foods every day, week after week. That is where I have a hard time. I like 3 because I can relate. I am now in a smaller jean size and that makes me happy! Stick with it and keep in mind that it isn't and end game, it is a lifestyle/change of habit/new way of life. Blessings to you! RM :)