Sunday Stealing: The SCARY meme

  1. What do you think is the best costume for Halloween?
    I don't know if it's the best costume, but I wear it:
    Witch... (But a nice one, not this evil one ;))

  2.  What would an alien think of humans if it came to Earth on Halloween?
    "Okay, and THIS is the highly-developed breed??? Must be the wrong planet..."

  3. Who Would you haunt?
    My ex-boss
  4. Are you afraid of the dark?
    Urrgh, yeah a bit ;) (Don't ask hubby he could tell you stories...)
  5. Do you pass out candy, or hide with the lights off?
    Hey! I don't won't to be tricked! And I love the smiles on the faces...
  6. What Scary movie do you like best?
    To be honest, I don't like scary movies a lot... ;) But if I have to decide I prefer these classic, comedy ones like "Shaun of the dead"
  7. If you had to wear a costume for a week, what would you be?
  8. What do you think about Ouija boards?
    I never tried it. And I don't want too. Would be too scared...
  9. Have you ever told ghost stories around a fire?
    Yeah, and it was really funny to see those scared faces of my niece and her friends ;)
  10. Trick? or Treat?
  11. Have you ever been in a haunted house?
  12. What would you do if you saw a ghost?
    Say hi.
  13. Question 13, should we have skipped this and jumped to 14?
    I just do.
  14. Are you brave enough to walk into a grave yard after dark on Halloween?
    Not if I'm alone. (See answer no. 4)
  15. Do you like chocolate? what kind:
    Any :))
  16.  Who would look better in a clown costume? Obama or Romney?
  17. Are you in the path of Frankenstorm?
    For that I live in Germany, gladly not.
  18. Post a link to any other blog:
    Hootin' Anni's

So that's all for now. I'm off to cook some pumpkin food and do some halloween decorations. Have a fab Sunday! ♥ Sonny

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Banker Chick said...

I like the link you posted, she has some great photos.

Mr Lance said...

Your answer to number two was PRICELESS! lol Thanks for playing! Happy Halloween!