Can't sleep. My pulse's still running wild. And all that because I forgot my mobile in my car. I didn't recognize just until we went to bed. (I use my mobile as alarm clock)
I thought "oh hey, it's okay, it's surely in your car. Just go to bed and tomorrow you get it before work." And that's what Chris told me too. But I couldn't fall asleep. My thoughts were running. What if my mobile is NOT in car? All my contacts and a lot of photos would be lost! PANIC!

So I decided to put on my boots and coat and went out in the dark night. You could hear me sigh when I found my mobile in car.

How was life before mobile communications?

I definitely will synchronize my phone to my computer tomorrow. AND will write down all my contacts in my offline notebook.

Okay, think I calmed down now. Try to sleep. Chris is already in dreamworld. Gotta fetch him up. ;-)

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