Saturday PhotoHunt

This week's theme is SaSSy. 
So I decided to post a photo from last carnival. I was very sassy.... ;)

Hope youl like it.
If (or even if not) please leave your comment. I will stop by at yours and leave one as well :)

Have a wonderful Saturday!
♥ Sonny ♥

7 shared thoughts so far:

magiceye said...

Cool take on the theme!

Anonymous said...

You look ready to have a sassy good time! A great shot for this week's theme.

Have a super weekend.

✿ chica said...

Ficou muito legal!Gostei!beijos,chica

YTSL said...

You look like you're puckering up! ;b

The Indulged Furries said...

Looks like you were having a fantastic time being sassy.

Felipa said...

I love the flowers in your head (sorry, my english isn't very good and I don't know the name for the thing with flowers in your head :) but I like it) !

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

That is sassy indeed... and cute too!
I look forward to seeing what you can spook us with next weekend.
Happy Hunting~